A truly classic RPG to set your imagination free!

For Windows, Mac, and Commodore 64!

Alive, interactive world
In-game bestiary
Converse with NPCs
Play charming mini-games
Big Box RPG experience!

* System requirements: Windows XP+, Mac OS 10.5+, or NTSC/PAL C64/C128 system.

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The Golden Age of RPG's Reborn!

Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous was designed using the aesthetics of some of the most beloved 8-bit role-playing games of the 80's. From the graphics style and gameplay, to the Collector's Edition box, this game captures the essence of what made the 80's the true golden age of RPGs. For those that were lucky enough to experience this era, Unknown Realm was made with you in mind. For those that missed out on this Golden Age, now is your chance to discover the classical RPG experience for yourself!

The Ultimate Low-Fidelity RPG

To make Unknown Realm the ultimate retro RPG, we’ve striped away the layers to get at the core of what makes RPGs fun. We’ve taken the best and dumped the rest, applying modern sensibilities to a classic format. Unknown Realm features modern enhancements such as auto-mapping, in-game journal and real time cutscenes. Dated inconveniences typically found in classic RPGs such as slow load times and clunky UIs are a thing of the past. By drawing on the lessons of 30 years of RPG tradition, we have created the quintessential classic RPG experience without the headaches.

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Grind-free Zone

Instead of spending 80% of your time in RPG grind and only 20% of time actually having fun, we designed Unknown Realm so you'll spend 80% of your time doing the things RPG lovers really enjoy such as exploration, uncovering secrets, interacting with interesting NPCs and the environment, and solving interesting quests and puzzles. But don't worry, there are still plenty of monsters to slay if that's your thing!

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Accessible User Interface

This is where many RPGs go wrong. We've designed a clean and intuitive interface that makes Unknown Realm a joy to play, whether you're a battle tested old school RPG pro or a total beginner. With things like auto sorting, recently used highlighting, and a quick-swap key for your primary/secondary weapons, we've created a simplified UI that slays the resource management headaches and keeps you in the fun!

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Bringing Back the "Feelies!"

A truly retro RPG wouldn't be complete without the physical items or "feelies." From game manuals, to the cloth map, to the quest cards, and tavern dice, our Collector's Edition box is exploding with retro goodness. Our “feelies” give you a more immersive RPG experience, and also help you solve actual puzzles and quests in the game itself. We even have a totally old school “ziplock bag” edition for you real old timers!

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